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Having an ankle sprain means that one or more of the connective ligaments in your ankle is overstretched, torn, or completely ruptured. Because an ankle sprain is known for causing ongoing pain and ankle instability issues, the podiatry experts at United Foot & Ankle provide integrative care to help you fully heal. Book your ankle sprain exam at any of the practice locations in East Brunswick, Keyport, Somerset, Perth Amboy, or Bayonne, New Jersey, directly through the website. You can also call any office to speak with a team member directly.

Ankle Sprain Q&A

What causes an ankle sprain?

You have ligaments throughout your body that connect bone to bone. Though these ligaments are designed to secure and stabilize joints, they can only withstand so much stress and strain before an injury occurs. 

With an ankle sprain, any of the ligaments in your ankle become overstretched. Sometimes, ligaments even tear or rupture. Ankle sprains among the most common types of sports injuries, but this painful injury can affect anyone of any age due to:

  • Walking or running on an uneven surface
  • Rolling or twisting your ankle
  • Slipping and falling down

Your chances of suffering from an ankle sprain are higher if you previously had an ankle sprain that just never correctly healed or if you have naturally weak ankles.


What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain?

When an ankle sprain occurs, you may feel or hear a sudden “pop.” It’s also common for pain to set in rather quickly. Over the following days as swelling increases, your ankle sprain can lead to:

  • Limited range of motion
  • Bruising and redness
  • Joint stiffness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Worsening pain

You need to come in to United Foot & Ankle for an evaluation as soon as your ankle sprain occurs. Ankle sprain symptoms are similar to a broken bone, and in either case, early intervention is critical to proper healing. 


Do I need treatment for an ankle sprain?

Yes! The treatments you need throughout your ankle sprain recovery change as you heal and progress. After performing a comprehensive evaluation, checking your range of motion, and taking X-ray or ultrasound imaging, your dedicated podiatrist at United Foot & Ankle counsels you about your treatment plan.

In the early stages of an ankle sprain, stabilization with a splint, brace, or cast are essential. Your podiatrist is likely going to recommend lots of rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE), for at least a couple of weeks to help with swelling.

As your ankle heals, your podiatrist can get you started on rehabilitation to restore strength, flexibility, and range of motion. You may also need anti-inflammatory medications or injections throughout your recovery to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Although surgery is rarely needed for an ankle sprain, a complete ligament rupture or lingering ankle instability may warrant surgical repair. But with United Foot & Ankle’s team of board-certified podiatrists who specialize in rearfoot and ankle surgery, you can feel confident that you’re in capable hands. 

United Foot & Ankle can help you recover from ankle sprain discomfort while promoting healing. Book your evaluation online, or call the location nearest you to schedule your visit.