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Whats the Difference Between Telemedicine and Telephone?

Telemedicine is use of video conferencing, sending images for diagnosis and it is real time interactive services. Telephone visits are clinical exchanges that occur via telephone between the provider and the patient. During the times of COVID -19 these are great services to take advantage of. There is no need to leave your house if you have a certain medical conditions. 

What conditions can be treated or addressed via telemedicine or telephone?

 Treatment options can include topical or oral antifungal       medications.

 Treatment options can include topical steroid ointments or oral steroid medications

 Treatments options can include oral anti-inflammatories, blood work to rule out systemic diseases.

You can also do an initial consultation to see if you need to come in person to continue therapy. Please give us a call and schedule your appointment with us in any office locations which include Perth Amboy, Keyport, East Brunswick and Bayonne. 

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