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What Can Cause Toenail Fungus?

Nail Fungus can develop in people at any age. Most fungus infections can derive from moist or wet areas such as the gym or swimming pools; contaminated nail clippers from nail salons, and sport activities most commonly known as athletes foot. 

Risk factors that may increase the likelihood of fungal infections: 

- Athlete's foot: active individuals that perform physical activities on a daily basis leading them to wear athletic shoes for long periods of time. 

- Diabetes: individuals with this condition commonly have circulation problems or weakened immune systems. 

- Inadequate hygiene: areas such as nail salons or gym where personal hygiene may not be properly managed or regulated. 

Treatment for toenail fungus:

- Oral or topical anti-fungal medication

Prevention methods

- Maintain hygiene throughout the day making sure to wash feet and mositurize nails after washing as well.

- Trim nails straight across, smooth edges and file down the thickened nails, and make sure to sanitize nail clippers after every use. 

- Make sure to wear footwear that is breathable.

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